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Gmail Attachment Gets Stuck Scanning For Virus

December 26, 2008 » Geek

I’ve been having trouble with Gmail for my domain getting stuck scanning for viruses on my attachments, which means I can’t download them, which is annoying.

I got fed up with waiting for Gmail, so I just got them through the old fashioned means.

Here’s how…

Attachment is stuck…

View the original message…

What that looks like (click image for bigger view)

Find the base64 encoded contents of your attachment (click image for bigger view)

Then you just copy and paste that into a file and run it through base64, a la $ base64 -d getImage.raw > getImage.php

Fun Holiday Message

December 15, 2008 » Geek

I made a cool holiday message today for my new job at REBEL INTERACTIVE, it’s a fridge with magnets that you can use to make and send messages. I think it’s rad.

Check it out:

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Move Subversion repository without svnadmin

November 12, 2008 » Geek

Update (2008-11-13)
Okay, so I did actually end up finding a way to move from for real. It seems they provide read-only rsync access straight to the repository directory. So here is what I did instead.

Update (2008-11-12)
Made a small performance change then ran it on the ClearPass repository. Worked flawlessly.

I have been having a terrible time trying to figure out how I can get the Subversion repository for ClearPass out of SourceForge. I could not find a single reference to svnadmin on the SourceForge and no examples of exporting without it. So I took matters into my own hands. Below is a quick and dirty shell script that exports and imports a repository one revision at a time, using common Linux command line tools and the svn command. I’m going to do more testing before using it for real, but so far it has done well. Hope this helps someone else in my position.

Download it: svncrossload


October 27, 2008 » Life

We carved pumpkins this weekend, something I haven’t done in a long time. Here they are,






Better libcurl from C++

October 24, 2008 » Geek

I’ve been a longtime fan of libcurl. But I’m a C++ author and so the c level of that is not where I want to be (and cURLpp looks ungainly for my minor usage).

Firing up google on “libcurl C++” yields “Using libcurl from C++ |” as the #1 entry. This article show a good starting example, but it’s not quite there. Here’s a cleaned up snippet:

Now that is a totally legitimate use and it works fine. But do you see the problem?
Yep, the data (buffer) is global, as is the writer but that isn’t as big a deal. This
is not good for many applications and is not good C++.

So let’s encapsulate that bad boy shall we? It’s really not all that hard, so here’s some example code.

Now that example has all kinds of missing things and the object is useless beyond one request but that is not the point, it’s a contrived example. The point is that your buffer is no longer global and it’s protected by your class. You can make multiple requests without having to grab the data off by yourself. That’s the big deal.

I don’t want this to seem like I am putting down LuckySpin. It’s a good example, I feel this is just a step better.