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November 30, 2007 » Geek

Do you ever spend 20 minutes figuring out the perfect way to do some arcane task on the command line, only to forget it and need it again in a month? I do. A lot.

I started keeping a directory with little plain text documents that had the command line I wanted inside them. I recently uploaded them to my static site and wrote a script to use them easier.

It’s real simple, just download the howto bash script in the following directory and place it in your path. Now make a directory for your HowTo’s somewhere and put the whole path into a file in your home directory called “.howto”.

You should be able to call $ howto --sync and it will pull down a tar of the most current files, then expand it into your HowTo directory.

If you download the howto.tar.gz by itself, be warned that it is a tar bomb and will rudely scatter its files all over your directory.

Lastly, onceyou have some HowTo’s installed, just use $ howto -l to list out the possible choices, then $ howto print-unix-timestamp, replacing “print-unix-timestamp” with the name or number of the HowTo you want.

Below is the howto shell script, because I like including code in my posts whenever I can.

About a month and a half…

November 17, 2007 » Geek

It’s been about a month and a half since I started re-writing OurUNO in a nice, intelligent, frameworked system with Smarty and I ran CLOC on my source dir today. CLOC doesn’t do Smarty templates, so I ran them as HTML, close enough, right?

What I like is that my PHP files are ~23% empty space, and the one shell script has only 1 line of code. Now, the PHP is all new as is most of the javascript and some of the TPL files. So even saying a 60% cut on JS, CSS & TPL, thats still 3728 lines of code in the spare time from about a month and a half, so about 83 lines a day. It’s amazing what as little as 83 lines a day can do.

Nix 0.7 Released

November 15, 2007 » Geek

Released Nix 0.7 today. It’s a minor-ish update that mostly just adds a bunch of cpu icons to the configurator.

Download Nix 0.7

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Fate/stay night

November 15, 2007 » Consume, Geek

So I finished Fate/stay night a few evenings ago. It’s 24 episodes and I really, really enjoyed it. Definitely in my top three.

The art varied a little bit, with some stellar work and some average fare, but overall it tended towards good I thought. Some things in the storyline went a bit under-explained, but that’s really to be expected from an anime made after a detailed game.

What made this show so great were the characters and how they interacted and grew. Really great relationships, even if the dialog was a bit spotty. I also had the fan sub version, so that might have contributed to weak dialog as they tend to be in a rush to publish. Make no mistake though, very good storyline and very good character development.

The only thing I outright didn’t like was the ending. It wasn’t necessarily a bad ending, it was quite powerful and brought closure to the sotry, but it just wasn’t the one I would have preferred. A follow up series would be awesome, and could fix the ending for me, but as far as I know isn’t really in the works.

Overall a great show, I give it an A.

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l337 h4X!!!1!

November 14, 2007 » Geek

You have got to love MySpace. Their code has got to be so nasty, I mean, just the markup on a profile makes me sick to my stomach, I can’t imagine the pasted together backend that would generate that mess.

When I got an event invitation I went to RSVP and had a thought. I wondered how well they error checked their inputs. I mean, I’m sure they strip and escape for SQL injection, but do they constrain anything?

I busted out Firebug, edited the source for the RSVP and now I’m bringing several tens of thousands of friends with me to the party. Awesome.

Click for biggies.

(Note: the 91213 didn’t work, too big I bet)