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Christmas Eve!

December 24, 2006 » Geek, Life

Hey, it’s Christmas eve, and you know what that means? I’m still playing with my computer, like usual. On Friday we had a show at Sokol underground, and I thought it went pretty well. Lots of people there, and we haven’t played in a few months so it was fun. Afterwards we went to Villiage Inn and ate breakfasty foods.

Afterwards Darcy gave me the absolute best Christmas present ever, Star Wars Mr. Potato Heads. I kid you not. It was a bundle with Darth Tater, a Spudtrooper and R2-D2 (potato version). There is nothing I can think of which would not wither in comparison to such a gift.

In the way less awesome but still cool category I used some info from the “Zune on Linux via VMware” post over at to get my Zen MicroPhoto working. I used to use my Windows box to load up my Zen but now it’s in the basement for recording and I don’t have that much cat5. The key was turning off USB 2.0 as mentioned in article with the command sudo rmmod ehci_hcd.

I’ve never had any luck with libmtp and gnomad2 working with my Zen in the past but hopefully the Zune will create more active development on the library and we can get some MTP goodness going on. I read somewhere that Feisty Fawn’s Amarok should have MTP compiled in, but we’ll see. Now I just need someone to hack up the firmware to get OGG support on the Zen.


Whats up?

December 20, 2006 » Geek, Life

It’s been a while since my last post here. Nine whole days to be approximate. Thats like, a week and two days. That may as well be forever in the world of the internet!

So what mischief have I been up to in those nine long days? Well, first and foremost I turned 21 in there. I had some excellent pizza and mountain dew and many rousing rounds of Catch Phrase. Aside from that I’ve worked and worked on BlowPass, my Blowfish based, browser encrypted password management tool. I’ve also been working on and a super-secret project that is just going to rock your world. Or the world of UNO students I hope.

Go check out BlowPass if you have a moment. Merry Christmas if I don’t post again before it. :)


Firefly MMO

December 11, 2006 » Geek

I happened upon this news today. A company called Multiverse has purchased the rights to create a Firefly game. They’re saying it’ll be an MMO. That would honestly be enough to make me dual boot again. Firefly is that awesome.

Info Links:


BlowPass Has Taken Over

December 7, 2006 » Geek

So I thought that I had moved past BlowPass. I guess I was wrong. I’ve been spending every spare moment working on it. I found what I feel is a better Blowfish library at I still can’t implement any of the vector tests because they’re all in hex and translate into nasty characters. This means I have no actual idea if the crypt is working. I also quickly stopped trying to write my own Twofish implementation. I could handle it in C I think, but not JavaScript, I don’t know enough of it and it’s little oddities.

Regardless of all that, I’ve got my prototype AJAX down pat now (okay, AHAH) and I’m working up my own open source version of Here’s a nice list of features/todo’s.

  • Uses a non-proprietary algorithm (Blowfish)
  • Has AJAX-y-ness
  • Uses PHP
  • Uses a database abstraction library TODO
  • Slick animations (mootools?) TODO

You can check out the current version at to play around.

December 4, 2006 » Geek

I saw on my Ajaxian feed today a neat service called Passlet. Essentially it is a password keeper, like KisKis or the one built into Firefox. The novelty here is that it uses JavaScript to handle all the encrypting and decrypting on the client side. That means no transmission of clear text information, not even over SSL.

I happily admit I’d been thinking about this concept for at least 4 months. See, I liked KisKis a lot. It was Java, used good, solid encryption and had a nice interface. Problem was, it’s hard to keep my thumb drive version synced to my box versions, and I rarely remembered to anyway. So I thought, why not make a web based password keeper that used JavaScript to keep it secure?

The result was BlowPass which uses a JavaScript implementation of the Blowfish cipher. I was working on the Ajax stuff when I got frustrated with mootools and left it alone. It has several key weaknesses, and I suppose I could learn from Passlet, but, I may as well just use it instead of finishing BlowPass. If you want the source to BlowPass leave me a note. Thats my GPL disclaimer since the Blowfish implementation was GPL’d.

Update (01/11/07)
BlowPass is semi-active now, you can get more information and try it out at It’s still a rather raw version though. If you aren’t concerned about the “open-source” aspect (e.g. don’t want to host it and mod it yourself) I’d go use passlet or passpack.