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Litany of Fear

January 16, 2011 » Consume, Geek

Update (2011-01-20)

So, I noticed that it was spelled TOAL instead of TOTAL. Fixed it! I also made a background out of it, you can grab it here: FEAR (1280×1024)

This quote from Frank Herbert’s Dune felt right for BigText.

Check it out here: http://static.velvetcache.org/pages/2011/01/16/litany-of-fear/

Look Ma, I’m In a Distro

September 28, 2006 » Geek

I’m in a Linux distribution! Well, sorta. A wallpaper I made is the default background in an alpha build of fluxbuntu. If you go get nBuild1-Revision2 from fluxbuntu.org that background is of my design. Also, if you just go to the fluxbuntu.org page it’s the background in the screenshot.

It’s kinda neat, I posted it to the forums as an alternative to the boring white default and they added it to the distro. Too bad I’m at school with no way to burn the disc and install it to my laptop. Maybe I’ll download it and make a QEMU style USB version. Then I’d have to buy a USB stick… This isn’t working out. Oh well.

P.S. This is a good, light distro btw. My current fave for my old PIII laptop.


September 13, 2006 » Geek

So I’ve got this real old Pentium III laptop. It’s a *shudder* Gateway no less. What makes it worse is that it ran Windows XP stock. Thats insane, the thing moved like a rock, e.g. not at all unless you kicked it. I’ve tried multiple different Linux disto’s on it over the last year or so, and they were always a tad heavy, or a tad too stupid feeling (I’m looking at you IceWM). The exception was FluxBox, which I experienced on the nUbuntu livecd about a month ago.

So, today I found fluxbuntu, and it rocked my world. No more gnome or XFCE for me, I’m going fluxbox. Loaded it up, and since it is an alpha, it isn’t all that pretty. So I made this nice background for it. Anyway, if you have a spare machine, check out the fluxbuntu Alpha, it’s pretty good (esp. for an alpha ;)