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Funny Flyer

March 13, 2008 » Geek

Saw this flyer up on the board at PKI this afternoon, look made me laugh.
Click through for the full-size, try high-res cell phone pictures :)

That reads: “May be used as bookmarks, writing down his or her phone number, a healthy snack, litter, or even a place to put your bubble-gum or boogers!

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Class Photoshop Project

March 2, 2008 » Geek

I’m taking a GUI design class right now and for slightly odd reasons he is having us do mini-projects in Photoshop and Flash. For the last bit of the Photoshop one we were supposed to cut Lance Armstrong out of a picture and put him in any background we wanted. I choose the gates to Mordor and I’m quite proud of the results.

Click through for the full size, it’s worth it I think.

Hall Of Shame

February 26, 2008 » Geek, Life

This is why Paul van Vliet is one of the best teachers I have had at UNO. He makes things fun, even the bad things.

From: Paul van Vliet
To: ...snip...
Subject: Hall Of Shame - Version 5.0

Good afternoon,

Please allow me to introduce you to the Hall of Shame.  It was shabbily
built, lacks glass in the windows, and the heating and plumbing systems
have failed to work for many, many decades now.  In fact, the Hall is in
such disrepair, the roof could cave in at any moment.  And yet some people
have decided to hang out here.  Why?  Well, I'm not sure, especially given
that the mere act of submitting a peer evaluation could get them out.

Please help me free these people - encourage them to do the right thing and
get their paperwork done!

Caught in the Hall today are:



I guess we’ll see how much I like him after the exam this evening…

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Submitting Assignments In Blackboard With Linux

January 16, 2008 » Geek

It seems to be an off and on thing, but in some Blackboard installations (like at UNO) there is a piece of JavaScript that makes it impossible to submit assignment files from Linux. I had some difficulty finding a fix online, so I thought I’d document it here.

Just select your file as usual, and then escape the slashes, like so:




It’s pretty stupid coding, but that’s life. My source for this fix is the thread found here.

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Scott Scholar Dinner

October 31, 2006 » Life

Had the Scott Scholar Dinner out at “the barn” tonight. It was about as akward as the last two years. This time I decided to just forget about that whole “socializing” thing and just hang around with Joe, Mike, and Bill.

I had a good time and lots of Coca-Cola, though I ate most of my tasty dinner without chewing much, I had a dental appointment earlier today. Anyway, here are three cell phone snaps from the Scott’s place. They’re actually from last year, but whatever.

The Barn The Flame Thingy Me and The Half-Horse

P.S. I was sad that Dave wasn’t there this year, but at least I got a high-five from Leland.