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December 27, 2010 » Geek

So, something really simple was staring me in the face and I ignored it. CSS transforms. I’ve switched to that, but I still like the webkit stuff, it was fun to glue together.

This Sunday I tinkered for a few hours on a little project. I registered the Unicode version of my domain name, upside down (ǝɥɔɐɔʇǝʌlǝʌ) This was inspired by the post from The Sad Story Of The Unicode Snowman: ☁→❄→☃→☀→☺→☂→☹→✝.ws as posted on Hacker News.

It had to be a .com, but I bought it from DreamHost anyway.

Next I thought about Upside-Down-Ternet from a while back, but I wanted mine to be all upside down.

So, I glued together some stuff and I now have an upside down copy of this website at that domain. It’s a bit rough right now, I’m rendering it in Webkit with wkhtmltopdf and then rotating and slicing with ImageMagick, all glued together with PHP and some shell scripting.

I want it to be an actual HTML copy eventually, but if you visit my domain it should show you anything on www.velvetcache.org. You can even view this post: http://www.ǝɥɔɐɔʇǝʌlǝʌ.com/2010/12/27/www-ǝɥɔɐɔʇǝʌlǝʌ-com

I added a little link to all of my pages to let you flip them in place, it’s the very bottom right and it says “[dılÉŸ]”. It’s my newest little easter egg, like the Konami Code.

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The Coop

May 30, 2010 » Life

Darcy and I finished up the chicken coop last weekend and moved the little punks out there. Thought I’d share some photos, they seem to like it, but aren’t big on using their little ramp, it may be a bit too steep for them.