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Thursday Quote: Kyle Neath

January 26, 2012 » Geek

“It takes balls to abandon features — grow some.”

– Kyle Neath
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Sugru To The Rescue!

July 3, 2010 » Consume, Geek, Life

I finally got a hold of some Sugru a few days ago. I had pre-ordered a sample pack (12 small sachets) and it arrived at last.

First off, when they say that a sachet is small, they mean it. However, this stuff goes a long way.

Sachet Size
Sachet Size

My first fix was my beloved flip flops. I’ve had these for 5+ years and they are the most comfortable things ever. Darcy would tell you that I only hang on to them because she hates them BUT THATS A LIE! (mostly)

The Sandals
The Sandals (Post-Op)

These sandals had major issues. Before I repaired them there was a rip all the way through (depth wise) and almost all the way across (width wise). Previously I had closed that gap with long nails, which worked for most of a summer, but they were not a long term solution.

Underside Repair
Underside Repair

But Sugru was just the ticket, it worked great. I followed the instructions and washed up then opened a packet and got to work. I found that it stuck to me more than the shoe in my case, but with some push and quick pull-back I managed to get it where I wanted it.

I used two sachets on this, but looking back I could have done the job with one. The first packet I put up top and I rushed a bit and got sloppy. Later I put the bottom packet on and I think that’s what actually did the job.

Foot Area Repair
Foot Area Repair

All in all a nice experience. My only issue with Sugru is that is stained my hands for a while, but that’s a pretty minor complaint. My sandal is comfy, solid and ready for years more action.