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Cleaning Up E-Books

January 19, 2007 » Geek

I have a large number of ebooks in Microsoft’s .lit format. My Nokia 770 doesn’t have any software to read a .lit format book. In fact, I can’t say I’ve ever seen a .lit reader other than Microsoft’s own.

What I have seen is the nifty and very usefull ConvertLIT which I use to down convert the files into plain HTML. I don’t even bother with the images. The problem is, they tend to come out formatted in a hideous fashion. I came up with a nice combo of HTML tidy and a perl script.

Here’s my command line for tidy, beware, this will modify your original copy!

Here is my perl script, it just runs the file through some regex’s and writes to the same filename with “NEW” appended. I also made a nice little progress bar because I was bored.

You can download it here, but be careful with it.

Update (01/21/07)
That perl script has a line $_ =~ s/ //mi; which doesn’t really make that much sense looking at it now. I’m thinking $_ s/\s\s+/ /mi; for a replacement. Also, for some reason the server throws up a 500 error on trying to get that file, I’m working on it.

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More Nokia Goodness

November 3, 2006 » Geek

I’ve been messing with my 770 some more. Such a sweet device. Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve loaded up so far:

»Maemodrac (Solitaire)
»LXDoom (And Doom wad)
»FBReader (E-Books)
»Puchi (Themer)
»Maemo Mapper (Map Reader)
»osso X-term (Terminal Emu)
»Tuner (Musical)
»GPE Calendar
»GPE Contacts
»GPE Todo
»Media Streamer

I’ve also got the stuff to mount SMB/CIFS shares and wrote two small mount/unmount scripts for my home network. It all worked nicely until I tried playing a few MP3’s over the CIFS mount. It didn’t buffer very intelligently, I watched my network monitor on the serving machine and it would spike every time the song “skipped” on the Nokia.

Looking for an answer I hopped onto Synaptic and found a UPnP server, GMediaServer since I knew there was a nice UPnP audio player for the Nokia, from the company itself actually. Hooked that up and it’s behaved so far. Don’t know what I’m going to do about streaming out video to it though. Oh well, I was going to buy a bigger rs-mmc card anyway, I can just dump videos onto that if I need to.

Here’s some screens of the UPnP media player and an XTerm. I greened up the layout with puchi.

Nokia 770

November 3, 2006 » Geek

My Nokia 770 came today! This one wasn’t bricked on arrival like the last one. I immediately started in on it, and within an hour I had it loaded up with lots of apps from maemo.org. By now I’ve rooted it and have some scripts set up to handle mounting shares from my network. As a bonus I’ve managed to lock up the application manager, an apt frontend, I think I need a reboot to kill off the process. Lord knows I’m not going to try and kill it myself.

Only a few minor complaints at this point. The handwriting recognition is horrid, but the keyboard has a nice feel to it and you get phone-like word completion. I haven’t tried the fingerboard style yet, rugt now I’m writing this with two styluss (styli?) and I’m actually getting rather fast at it. Maye its th qwerty keyboard.

The other pet peeve came when I wa writing my shell scripts in vi and couldn’t find a way to send the escape key to it. I just now realized that there is a hardware back key that would be a likely candidate. Oops.

Okay, I’m gonna reboot her and see about getting descent or doom running :)

Update (11/03/06)
I got Doom running, how cool is that. This is by far the neatest gadget ever. I need a bigger mem card, then I’ll push the root FS onto the card and I can have it all :)

Nokia 770 Review

October 11, 2006 » Consume, Geek

So I got my Nokia 770 today, or rather yesterday as it is 3:30am now. Here’s my review on this stunning device.

They shipped me a bricked unit. Seriously, I popped in the battery, hooked it up to charge and came back later. It makes cutesy little start up and shutdown noises, but the screen stays white, occasionally adding in some vertical grey lines for variety once in a while.

The Nokia website is useless, and everywhere I’ve found info on the “white screen of death” on the net, it’s led to the same conclusion: Warranty return and replacement. That’s pathetic. You’d think Nokia would have some quality control, maybe, oh I don’t know, see if their devices even boot before shipping them? The boot cycle is supposed to be very short, and I can’t see the production numbers on a device like this being outrageously high. It doesn’t seem unreasonable that they could check it.

What does seem unreasonable is up to another week of waiting for them to ship me a new one. Stupid. If the replacement isn’t stellar and/or they make me pay shipping to send the brick back to them I will assuredly warn everyone I know away from Nokia. And I’ll be sure to get out and meet some people first so it won’t be an idle threat.

Nokia 770

October 6, 2006 » Geek

I’ve been looking at PDA’s and laptops on and off for a few months now. I was looking for something simple, and quick to boot. I really only wanted a PDA type device that would give me Wi-Fi connectivity, a way to take notes, and access to a shell and SSH. That’s kind of alot to ask from a simple PDA, and thus I never really found one.

I had given up and decided to just get a laptop even though it was overkill for most of the things I wanted to do. Hibernation mode and a Linux install would get me my quick-booting machine with all the features I wanted. Unfortunately it meant I would have a very large device (compared to a PDA) and it would cost a lot of money.

I started looking back into handhelds the other day. UMPC’s are perfect, but crazy expensive. The lifedrive came close, but it’s expensive, has a kinda-small screen and Linux isn’t quite ready on it. I remembered back to seeing a post on Jon Johansen’s blog (that’s DVD Jon for those who don’t know) about selling a really cool looking Nokia handheld.

Nokia 770

I went and looked it up in his archives and found out it was a Nokia 770. It’s (almost) perfect. It has a good and thorough review over at Ars Technica. The specs fit in nicely to what I want. It floats in the middle of the too-weak PDA’s and too-heavy laptops. It also nicely evades the too-expensive UMPC’s at $360.

It runs a patched up Linux kernel too, along with GTK+ for the GUI stuff. That means there is a big developer community who’ve ported all kinds of goodies to the platform. It plays back MP3, Real Audio, MPEG4, AAC, WAV, AMR, MP2, MPEG1, MPEG4, Real Video, H.263, AVI, and 3GP. Whats more you can mount SMB/CIFS or NFS shares and stream from them. I’ll be more than happy to watch movies from my fileserver on the 800×600 screen.

The only real problem I have with it is that the storage space is 64mb. That’s tiny, but it has an RS-MMC card slot good for up to a 1Gb card, so if I need more room I can get it. Plus, it comes with a 64mb card when you buy it, so that brings it to a total of 128mb off the shelf. I have a wicked idea too. Since it can mount shares, why not get the WL-HDD I was going to buy for my hacked ZipIt and just mount that wherever I go? Couldn’t be slicker. Actually it could, but whatever.

So I finally made up my mind and purchased it today. I’ll let you know more about it when it comes, but I’m psyched.