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Death Metal Rooster

January 12, 2010 » Consume, Geek

This made me laugh, recipe that is a talented rooster.

Found @ Boing Boing

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Three More Tracks From Nikolai

August 4, 2009 » Life

Nikolai is dead. Long live Nikolai.

Before the band split up we recorded three last songs that we wrote near the end of our run, which had limited plays but lots of our love in them. I don’t think they are ever going to be polished beyond these versions, so I give you those three songs now.

1) r = 1 – sin(θ)Download
This is song I wrote for Darcy, it’s the most finished of the three.

2) SokoldDownload
Kind of an Arctic Monkeys feel to it. Or that’s the idea at least.

3) Southern Rocks of AgesDownload
Energetic praise song, much more fun to play live.

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March 18, 2008 » Geek

Here’s a modification of a bash script I made a while back to convert anything that mplayer can play into an mp3 file. Change bitrates and the like to taste.

# any2mp3
for i in *.$1; do
mplayer -vc null -vo null -ao pcm:fast "$i" -ao pcm:file="${i%.$1}.wav"
for i in *.wav; do
lame -h -V2 --vbr-new "$i" "${i%.wav}.mp3"
rm *.wav

Say you are in a directory of m4a files, just run any2mp3.sh m4a and wait.

Analog Playing The Contention

March 16, 2008 » Consume, Life

I was looking around YouTube and I thought I’d see if there was any of Analog’s music on there. They were a big player in the hardcore scene in Omaha when I was in high school, I probably went to their shows a few times a month on average. Amazing band.

I found this video from the Sam Herrington Memorial show at the Rock.. I don’t remember what year it was, but it was the most insane hardcore pit I had ever seen. Had to have been 30+ people dancing at once, it was crazy. Lots of headwalking at the end, around 3:15. Anyway, I thought I’d post it in memoriam of the more or less dead 402 scene.

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June 4, 2007 » Geek

I had some m4a encoded files I wanted in mp3 (don’t judge me) so I cooked up a modified script from one found here, that does the trick.

# m4a2mp3
for i in *.m4a; do
  mplayer -vc null -vo null -ao pcm:fast "$i" -ao pcm:file="${i%.m4a}.wav"
for i in *.wav; do
  lame -h -V2 --vbr-new "$i" "$(i%.wav}.mp3"

rm *.wav

Update (06/19/07)
Just a quick note, you can use this to convert any supported audio file by replacing all the m4a with the correct extension. E.G. For flac replace m4a with fla. A nice little vim command for that would be :%s/m4a/fla/g
Update (03/18/08)
I posted a version to go from anything (that mplayer can play) to mp3 without editing the script. Check it out here.