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PHP Notepad

August 22, 2006 » Geek

This is a post from a previous system. Information, links and images may not be vaild.

Last semester I used the program KJots alot for taking notes in my computer classess. It’s a great program, but it had some glitches I didn’t like and was platform specific.

For a long time I had the notion of making my own similar program, either in nice portable Java or as a web technology. This afternoon I had about three hours between classes and whipped up a basic frame of the system. I skipped the “making it pretty” part since I was just getting it going. It needs that, plus you can’t save changes yet, but other than that it’s there. I’d finish it up, but I have class in about 10. Anyway, check out my demo/live version here. User is “[email protected]” and pass is “demo”. You can get a clean copy of the source at this link. Hopefully some of this code can be built into lucidGW, esp. the authentication code.

Lucid Groupware (Again)

August 20, 2006 » Geek

This is a post from a previous system. Information, links and images may not be vaild.

Reached a bit of a milestone (for me) today. I managed to get the first piece of Lucid Groupware operating at revision 17. This is a big deal because I laid alot of ground work to get here.

Even so, it’s still pretty messy in the source, and the tree has undertaken many mutations as I change my mind about different aspects of the project, mostly the templating system and the plugins. I’ll probably do a bit more work, perhaps get a single core module running, then kick into documentation mode and solidify the standards for the project.

I really hope that once the core is built plugins should become a snap. I also need to take the time to fix my local php installation to add pear, it seems my Ubuntu installation didn’t bother to add it (?). Once I’ve done that I can switch this stuff over to MDB2, which should be a learning experience.

If you happen to be reading this and are a PHP guru, check out the code and tell me what I’ve done wrong :)

Lucid Groupware

July 27, 2006 » Geek

I’ve been working on a project in the background, and just recently petitioned sourceforge.net for an official listing. Basically it is an Ajax driven, modular groupware suite.

I got this idea as I looked for a nice, online address book. This led to finding several good groupware suites, such as the excellent phpGroupware, and PHPProjekt. While these are great apps, I really didn’t need such beastly and large applications. So I designed a quick address book, and decided to use Cody Lindley’s thickbox to add a coolness factor of, like, a zillion.

While it may have been way cool, it still wasn’t quite what I wanted. Given recent developments in my programmer-life I’ve decided to start anew. I intend to make a windowed environment, similar to the windowing system that is on my index page. I’ll also tie in lots of ajax and plenty of moo.fx for bling. I’m also going to use the smarty template system to make it sleek and easy to customize. I’ll keep you posted.