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Awesome jQuery Plugin From Zachleat

January 14, 2011 » Geek

Zach threw out a teaser a few days ago on Twitter of this and I somehow missed the release post.

The gist is a new jQuery typography plugin called BigText. And it is awesome.

Here’s the demo video…

The source is worth a read If you geek out on that sort of thing.

Very cool, Zach is my JavaScript hero, and one of the nicest dev’s I’ve met.

Go say hello, and play with BigText: http://www.zachleat.com/web/

PanoramAh: Version Two

August 25, 2010 » Geek

Last week I put together a quick script to display a panorama I took in Colorado.

It was a one-off script and I didn’t think much of it until Naina Redhu left a comment asking about using it for multiple panorama’s.

Well, why not?

It didn’t take much to tweak it into a full fledged jQuery plugin. I just took the bit that made the panorama and tweaked it to use local references. While I was at it I removed the requirement for a pre-loader image in the markup. Have a look.

Using it is pretty easy too, just set up your HTML like so:

Then make a collection and call panoramah() on it:

There’s a demo available here and you can keep up with any changes at Github.