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Thursday Quote: Winston Churchill

September 1, 2011 » Life

“Success is not final, decease failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

– Winston Churchill

Thursday Quote: Jessica Mills

August 4, 2011 » Geek, Life

“To me, online being a geek is about being allowed to be a child forever. To take passionate joy in your interests.”

– Jessica Mills
When Geeks Become Bullies

Thursday Quote: Allen Branch

April 14, 2011 » Life

“…but remember, clinic if it was easy, sovaldi sale it would have been done by someone else already.”

– Allen Branch
Meeting Expectations

Thursday Quote: Scott Belsky

January 13, 2011 » Geek, Life

“…it becomes nearly impossible to pursue long-term goals when you are guided solely by the most recent e-mail in your in-box or call from a client.”

– Scott Belsky
Making Ideas Happen

Thursday Quote: Scott Belsky

November 25, 2010 » Geek, Life

“Constant motion is the key to execution.”

– Scott Belsky
Making Ideas Happen