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More GIMP Goodness

November 30, 2006 » Geek

I’m getting more and more confident in GIMP now. Last night I forced myself to do some layout work for Leigh’s dance studio site in GIMP and I’m very satisfied. I have the example of about two hours of work. Yes, I probably could have made it in about one if I had Photoshop, but thats all part of getting better at something. I may soon feel confident enough to never fall back onto Photoshop again. Anyway, here’s the layout so far, below is a snippet and it links to the full size 800×600 layout. Really only the header is “finished”. And even it is going to be a bit lighter in shade.



GIMP Combat

November 29, 2006 » Geek

I’m a long time Photoshop user. I started in high school in journalism class and I’ve been through several versions up to CS2 today. I love Photoshop to death. However, I run Linux now, and dual booting would suck. Qemu doesn’t cut it eaither and I don’t think Wine handles CS2 very well at all.

There is a program called GIMP, GNU Image Manipulation Program, for Linux that is equivalent and I’ve tried many times to come to grips with it’s different interface. I used to despise GIMP, well, I still despise GIMP, but at least now I can work in it.

Here is my first piece of decent work to come out of gimp. A nice, shiny, flare-y, striped glass web 2.0 bar. It was a good learning experience and I thought I’d share it’s beauty.

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November 11, 2006 » Geek

I messed with F-Spot today. Or rather, from about 1:30 to 2:30 this morning. For those too lazy to follow the link, F-Spot is a photo manager, much like Picasa or that iPhoto garbage. Anyway, you can sort, view, crop, enhance and tag the living daylights out of your photo collection with it.

I really like the interface, it’s very intuitive and much like Picasa (or vice versa, I dunno which came first). The tags and filtering are great, and provide nice visual cues for your sorting. There are also numerous editing tools and they seem to work at very respectable speeds, and lossless no less.

My problem is that my pictures are a real mess of folders, and very few are tagged with the correct date and time in the EXIF info. It looks like I’m going to have to go through adding a folder at a time and weeding out dupes and stuff. That might take a while, but I think it will be absolutely worth it. I’m gonna get some sleep now.

Update (11/11/2006)
I went through and added 2878 photos from 2001 – 2006, all the pics I had. I’ve got 20+ different tags. Crazy, it took a while but I think it’ll be worth it if I keep maintaining it with new pictures. Rad.

Snake And Rock Return!

October 13, 2006 » Uncategorized

From the depths of my hard drive emerge “Snake And Rock”! These are some little comics I made a year+ ago. Looking at them now they don’t seem as funny as they were then, but hey, I’m nostalgic, so here’s the whole run of ’em (10!!). Alas, they do not fit on this layout. Go read them here.


Look Ma, I’m In a Distro

September 28, 2006 » Geek

I’m in a Linux distribution! Well, sorta. A wallpaper I made is the default background in an alpha build of fluxbuntu. If you go get nBuild1-Revision2 from fluxbuntu.org that background is of my design. Also, if you just go to the fluxbuntu.org page it’s the background in the screenshot.

It’s kinda neat, I posted it to the forums as an alternative to the boring white default and they added it to the distro. Too bad I’m at school with no way to burn the disc and install it to my laptop. Maybe I’ll download it and make a QEMU style USB version. Then I’d have to buy a USB stick… This isn’t working out. Oh well.

P.S. This is a good, light distro btw. My current fave for my old PIII laptop.