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Thursday Quote: Gianni Tedesco

March 8, 2012 » Geek

“Until one understands the difference between pressing a button and seeing a light turn on as compared to the immense void of a blinking prompt that asks us to “imagine any possible mechanism” then our educational process is, medical ultimately, recipe in vain.”

– Gianni Tedesco
All your metaphors about computers are wrong

Thursday Quote: Chris Stout

February 3, 2011 » Geek, Life

“Sometimes, people who say they’re “bad with computers” or “just can’t figure this out” are simply lazy.”

– Chris Stout

Thursday Quote: Matthew Inman

December 31, 2009 » Uncategorized

“Watching someone else use your computer is like watching a drunk orangutan solve a Rubix cube.

– Matthew Inman, mind The Three Phases of Owning a Computer

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Hard subs with mencoder, or, annotating screencasts for free.

December 2, 2009 » Geek