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Fate/stay night

November 15, 2007 » Consume, Geek

So I finished Fate/stay night a few evenings ago. It’s 24 episodes and I really, really enjoyed it. Definitely in my top three.

The art varied a little bit, with some stellar work and some average fare, but overall it tended towards good I thought. Some things in the storyline went a bit under-explained, but that’s really to be expected from an anime made after a detailed game.

What made this show so great were the characters and how they interacted and grew. Really great relationships, even if the dialog was a bit spotty. I also had the fan sub version, so that might have contributed to weak dialog as they tend to be in a rush to publish. Make no mistake though, very good storyline and very good character development.

The only thing I outright didn’t like was the ending. It wasn’t necessarily a bad ending, it was quite powerful and brought closure to the sotry, but it just wasn’t the one I would have preferred. A follow up series would be awesome, and could fix the ending for me, but as far as I know isn’t really in the works.

Overall a great show, I give it an A.

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Gunslinger Girl

June 8, 2007 » Consume, Geek

So my folks are out of town for a few days and when that happens I tend to get a lot less useful things done, and a lot more enjoyable things I have been waiting to do get, well, enjoyed.

One of those was an anime I got that looked good, ‘Gunslinger Girl’. It was very good. Exceptional art, good story line and extremely compelling characters.

I’m not kidding about the characters, they were amazingly deep for an anime and for only having 240 minutes to develop the 10 of them. I don’t often re-watch anime, but ‘Gunslinger Girl’ is on my list again.

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