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Thursday Quote: Vint Cerf

January 14, 2010 » Uncategorized

“Engineers are really good at labeling and branding things. If we had named Kentucky Fried Chicken, medical it would have been Hot Dead Birds.”

– Vint Cerf


Thursday Quote: Cory Doctorow

January 7, 2010 » Uncategorized

“All creative endeavor begins with just fooling around, story not doing much of anything, patient just noodling and letting the different parts of your mind talk to each other. Science and art and invention spring forth when we do the unexpected and so coax our brains into letting some imaginative combinations of ideas and concepts jangle together.”

– Cory Doctorow, Too Much Time On My Hands 2009


Thursday Quote: Matthew Inman

December 31, 2009 » Uncategorized

“Watching someone else use your computer is like watching a drunk orangutan solve a Rubix cube.

– Matthew Inman, mind The Three Phases of Owning a Computer

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Thursday Quote: Every Time I Die

December 24, 2009 » Uncategorized

“It is better to destroy, pill than to create what is meaningless.”

– Every Time I Die,
Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Battery
on The Big Dirty


Thursday Quote: Flobots

December 17, 2009 » Uncategorized

“There is a war going on for your mind.
If you are thinking, diagnosis you are winning.”

– Flobots, We Are Winning on Fight With Tools