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Litany of Fear

January 16, 2011 » Consume, Geek

Update (2011-01-20)

So, I noticed that it was spelled TOAL instead of TOTAL. Fixed it! I also made a background out of it, you can grab it here: FEAR (1280×1024)

This quote from Frank Herbert’s Dune felt right for BigText.

Check it out here:

Thursday Quote: Paul Graham

August 19, 2010 » Consume, Life

“Unless you have some plan for selling that valuable thing you got so cheaply, what difference does it make what it’s ‘worth?’ The only way you’re ever going to extract any value from it is to use it.”

– Paul Graham

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Making Panoramas With Hugin

August 17, 2010 » Consume, Geek, Life

We recently got back from a visit to Colorado and I had taken a few sets of photos that I intended to stitch into panoramas. This was new to me, but I figured it couldn’t be too hard, right?

With the help of Hugin, I figured right.

There is all sorts of cool tweaks you can do with Hugin, but I’m just going to touch on the basic process. There is a much more complete set of tutorials here.

The process boils down to these steps:

  1. Load Images
  2. Match Points
  3. Tweak Exposure (if you want)
  4. Render

Matching Points

Matching points is just a matter of clicking on a recognizable spot in one photo and then the matching spot on the next photo. You don’t have to be spot on, it will guess the right spot for you. Pretty cool. I did about four per photo pair.

Matching Points

Tweak Exposure

I used auto-exposure on my photos and, as a bonus, took a few pictures with direct sunlight. Not good for clean overlaps. Here’s my initial preview image.


Yuck, it’s all washed out and ugly. No problem, we can do some tweaking on the exposure tab and it should be all better.



Once everything is set up, rendering is a snap, it just takes a while.



Once it’s done (not more than a few minutes) you should have your panorama. It’s going to be big though, my un-cropped panorama was 14587×2416 and weighed in at a hefty 19 megs as a high quality JPEG. Wow.


Overall Hugin is a super-easy and fun way to make awesome panoramic photos with any digital camera.

Making Beer

August 16, 2010 » Consume, Life

Darcy got a beer kit for her birthday (from her wonderful husband) so we started the process a week or so ago. Not too hard, just boil stuff, stir it and hide it in the dark. I’ll post more once we bottle it.

Darcy Stirred. A Lot.

You can see all the photos here:

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Finding 500 Errors On DreamHost

August 16, 2010 » Consume, Geek

Recently I’ve been getting 500 errors once in a while on my DH account. This is usually because a process is long running and the DH monitor kills it for consuming too many resources. Meh. The real cause is putting waaay to much stuff on a shared account.

So, to see what my culripts are I wrote a quick script that I’m hooking to a cron job. First I’ll see what domains are generating 500 errors, and then later I’ll try to locate the exact scripts and clean them up.


cd /home/jmhobbs/logs

for i in *; do
  if [ -d "$i" ] && [ -f "$i/http/error.log.0" ]; then
    ERRS=$( grep internal_error.html $i/http/error.log.0 | wc -l )
    if [ "0" != "$ERRS" ]; then
      echo "# $i - $ERRS"

The output looks like this.

[pristina]$ ./ 
# - 11