Live By The Internet, Die By The Internet

I’ve had a few mildly successful things and events on the web, so I thought I would keep track of these here.

Beef Taco
June 2010

Beef Taco is a fork of a popular Firefox add-on that went commercial and angered their userbase really fast. I forked the old version and started maintaining it. It got 9250+ downloads in 12 days.


Konami Unicorn Blitz
May 2010

Sparked by a little note on Boing Boing I hacked together a little JavaScript bit that would unleash a swarm of unicorns onto your screen when you entered the Konami Code. After posting it on Hacker News I got some nice comments and contributions, including meeting a very cool guy named Eric Ryan Harrison. It peaked at 2050 uniques on the day I released it. No idea if it is deployed in the wild.


Consume Less, Create More
February 2010

Consume Less, Create More was a minimalist website with some rotating quote, powered by jQuery. It was just a little one-off plaything, but it was received pretty well. It peaked at 1000+ uniques the first day it was out, and still gets about 10 a day.


January / February 2010

Storytlr is a lifestreaming application that was open sourced in late 2009. I loved it and grabbed a copy after segphault posted a review to Ars Technica. Development was slow, so I jumped in and did a bunch of work. My fork is sort of the default for “bleeding” edge installs, and I’ve done a lot of the development and plugins work since it came out.