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Thursday Quote: Mike Monteiro

July 12, 2012 » Geek, Life

“We used to design ways to get to the moon; now we design ways to never have to get out of bed.”

– Mike Monteiro
Design Is a Job

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Thursday Quote: Phil Wadler

July 5, 2012 » Geek

“The essence of XML is this: the problem it solves is not hard, prescription and it does not solve the problem well.”

– Phil Wadler
POPL 2003

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Thursday Quote: Ze Frank

June 28, 2012 » Life

“Life isn’t just a sequence of waiting for things to be done.”

– Ze Frank
An Invocation for Beginnings

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Thursday Quote: Tim Peters

June 21, 2012 » Geek, Life

“In the face of ambiguity, store refuse the temptation to guess.”

– Tim Peters
PEP 20

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Thursday Quote: Steve Luvender

June 14, 2012 » Life

“If Tetris has taught me anything, diagnosis it is that errors pile up and accomplishments disappear.”

Steve Luvender

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