Node Knockout – Team LazerCatz!

August 30, 2010

This weekend I participated in Node Knockout with Jerod and Cody. It was awesome, we made a game in 48 hours (less than that of actual working time).


It was a lot of work, how much?

We had 129 total commits, 82 were mine, 35 belonged to Jerod, and 12 to Cody. That’s not 100% accurate because Cody had some git problems part way through, so I committed things for him. In those commits we had 245 file changes.

The final product had 974 total lines of code, as broken down by CLOC:

Language   files   blank   comment   code    scale   3rd gen. equiv
Javascript     4     130        43    750 x   1.48 =        1110.00
CSS            1      26         4    167 x   1.00 =         167.00
HTML           1       0         0     57 x   1.90 =         108.30
SUM:           6     156        47    974 x   1.42 =        1385.30

If you have a minute, give it a shot at

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  1. Roflcopter. Excellent! I love the “pew-pew” sound effects. Who made that? One of you guys?

    I sat around for a while and nothing ever happened. I’m assuming this is a multiplayer game that expects other people to be in the game at the same time? I want to shoot someone in the face!

    Great game though. Looks really sweet for being made in such a short time and with such a tiny amount of actual code being put into it.

    Did you use any pre-built game libs or is everything built from scratch?

  2. john says:

    The pew-pew was Jerod :-)

    It is multiplayer, I wrote a bot after the fact but it’s a Greasemonkey script ( so when I’m not online, neither is the bot.

    We didn’t use any game libs, really on the front end we only used Faye ( for the web sockets and jQuery ( for odds and ends.

    Thanks for the props though, I’m a little frustrated with it. If you get lots of people in there the async nature causes a lot of rendering bugs. If (when) I re-write it I’m going to have a synchronized draw function and the async callbacks are just going to update an internal state map. I wish we had tested it with a lot more users so I could have seen that sooner, but oh well!

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