Quick and Dirty Guide to ChanServ

May 12, 2010

I never, ever remember the commands for ChanServ on Freenode. I’m always looking them up, so this time I made a quick cheat-sheet to help me out. You can basically follow this from top to bottom.

Register Your Channel

Tells ChanServ about your channel and makes you the founder.

Make ChanServ Stick Around

Makes ChanServ hang out in your channel.

Protect Your Topic

Makes it so you can only change the topic through ChanServ.

Set A Topic

Set the channel topic via ChanServ.

Make Your Topic Sticky

ChanServ keeps your topic even when there is no one in the channel.

Set The Channel URL

Sets the URL for the channel if someone does an INFO query.

Set The Channel Description

Sets the description for the channel if someone does an INFO or LIST query.


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