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Thursday Quote: Randall Munroe

November 19, 2009 » Uncategorized

“The universe started in 1970. Anyone claiming to be over 38 is lying about their age.”

– Randall Munroe, advice xkcd


Thursday Quote: Michael A. Jackson

November 12, 2009 » Uncategorized

“Programmers… often take refuge in an understandable, healing but disastrous, patient inclination towards complexity and ingenuity in their work. Forbidden to design anything larger than a program, ampoule they respond by making that program intricate enough to challenge their professional skill.”

– Michael A. Jackson, 1974 in Principals of Program Design


Thursday Quote: Ernie Chambers

November 5, 2009 » Uncategorized

“You do not have the right to have an addiction and impose your weakness upon other people,” he said. “You don’t have the right to impose your stupidity on others.”

– NE Unicameral Sen. Ernie Chambers


Automated Road and Pavement Condition Survey Vehicle

November 4, 2009 » Geek, Life

I saw this on my way to work today. It’s got lots of stuff hanging off of it, pretty cool looking.

I couldn’t get a better shot (stupid stick shift) but there was more hardware on the front too. I definitely saw some laser warning stickers on the bottom and the side read “Automated Road and Pavement Condition Survey”, or something equivalent to that, and it had blue on white government plates.

Couldn’t find much on the web, and nothing really in the US even. Cool though. Anyone in the know, fill me in!


Great bash calculator

November 3, 2009 » Geek

I spend a lot of time on the command line, shop and one thing I run up against every once in a while is doing math. I normally jump through the bc hoops, malady but today this bit came through my feed reader.

calc(){ awk "BEGIN{ print $* }" ;}

Just drop it into your .bashrc, .alias, or whatever else you use.

[email protected]:~$ calc 9*100+14/10
[email protected]:~$

Great solution using existing tools, props to for this one.

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