Trying out pygame, pretty cool.

December 31, 2009

Introducing pyTower, a python based Sim Tower clone. This is a new project I started, after finding the existing clones lacking. So far it’s in a really useless stage of development, but I wanted to show if what I had done so far.

I’m building it on the pygame library, which is a low level wrapper around SDL. I have to say, I am incredibly impressed with this library. You can get started really, really fast. Just focus on surfaces, rectangles, events and blitting. Ta-da, you have the basic tools for a game.

Anyway, the dev work is at github for your enjoyment.

One of the (I think) cool things I am doing is implementing the menu system in Qt4. Menu’s are hard in pygame, IMHO, so I went around them. This gives it a bit of an MDI feel, but I like it so far. If things go well I might find a way to move the mini box into another window. I think this will be beneficial long-term because I’m planning on making the technology tree really flexible and extensible.

Anyway, here are the totally not-cool looking screen shots I have so far. Art is hard.

The main menu, Qt4 + pygame.
The main menu, Qt4 + pygame.

The game space, with mini map!
The game space, with mini map!

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