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March 2, 2007

A ways back in the past I had a MediaWiki install at with the hopes that a wiki could be formed for the omaha community, by the omaha community (sound familiar?). Anyway, I never really did much with it, and a few days ago a professor from Creighton contacted me about my domain and pooling resources.

He has created which now re-directs to. He is having students flesh it out. I came into the picture to help set up some bots to manage the content.

It turns out there is a cool framework for MediaWiki’s called the “Python Wikipedia Robot Framework” that is written in python. I got the scripts working on my machine and then I turned my attention to writing a bot that would do a word-count on every page, and add a stub to that page if it was under a given threshold.

I had forgotten how awesome Python is. It really is a good language, I just wish I had call to use it every once in a while. Anyway, here is my Python bot for that framework. You can grab a file version here

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