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Expired Mayonnaise Really Doesn’t Taste All That Different

November 27, 2006 » Life

Last night I was relaxing and reading “The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe” and said to myself: “Myself,” I said, “I think I’ll have some delicious left over turkey.” So I went and got some turkey out of the fridge. I also grabbed the sealed, new mayonnaise jar out of the door, because, let’s be honest, turkey is better with a little mayo. Anyway, I broke the seal, scooped out some tasty whipped egg and wheatgerm and whatever else is in that stuff into a bowl and proceeded to devour the turkey with aforementioned mayonnaise.

This morning my mother wakes me up at about 7 and asks if I ate some mayo last night. I told her yes, because I had. She told me that the mayo had expired. In 2004.

I ate over two year old mayonnaise last night.

The real question I intend to ask her tonight is why there was old, unopened, expired mayonnaise in the usual mayonnaise spot in the door, and not, say, an absence of old, unopened, expired mayo instead.


Update (11/27/06)
I got home and pulled the jar out of the trash. It reads FEB0407C2. I assume this means it expires on 2/4/07. I hope it does. Either way, still not sick here, so it’s all good. There’s a disturbing lack of mayo and a conspicuous amount of turkey left however…


Javascript Colorshifter

November 22, 2006 » Geek

I wrote this little function because I wanted a little background color shifter without having to deal with a big script animation library. Really simple, and it takes some time to run through itself. I’ll rewrite it to be faster, more flexible later.

Actually I probably won’t.

Anyway, here it is, and heres a demo. Multiple clicks will get you psycho function timeouts all over the place and some strange color changes. Rad.

function colorShift(strTarget,sR,sG,sB,tR,tG,tB) {
  if(sR == tR && sG == tG && sB == tB) { return; }
  if(sR != tR) { (sR < tR) ? sR++ : sR--; }
  if(sG != tG) { (sG < tG) ? sG++ : sG--; }
  if(sB != tB) { (sB < tB) ? sB++ : sB--; }
  document.getElementById(strTarget).style.backgroundColor = "rgb("+sR+","+sG+","+sB+")";

Now that I look, it's sorta related to the Javascript Attention Grabber from earlier this month.

The Future Of DK421

November 21, 2006 » Geek

I’m currently re-thinking the future of DK421. It’s the hardware that has become the hang up. I’m 100% sure that the design I have for the pads is physically impossible. In point of fact, the design is mentally obtuse to begin with. A drum stick just doesn’t hit down with any reasonable amount of force. To think it could be enough to move a not insubstantial amount of plywood any real distance was silly. More so considering I also sought to compress four springs.

Where that leaves me is with a strong desire to use piezo transducers, or some other cheap, microphone-like option, combined with either a micro controller or some relays or something. The hard part is I don’t know any electronics really, I’m just winging it so far.

The vector I’d be most happy with pursuing is using an Ardunio board to read the transducers (voltage? wattage? I dunno…) and when they peak a certain amount, fire off some information over a serial connection. The problems are many for this. One, I don’t have a micro controller, and don’t know how to program and use them. Two, I’ve never done any serial port programming, and am not completely sure if it’s even a viable option for passing the data. Three, I don’t know what to measure on the transducers or how to do so. Four, I think Java might be out of the question with the serial. There is a javax.comm, but I’m not so sure about it.

Regardless, I want to try this way. I’ve wanted to buy a micro controller to play with for a while now, and the Ardunio is open-source and way cheaper than a basic stamp setup. I also kinda want to get me C++ back, and maybe learn how to use QT or GTK. This is either going to be long and fun, or die in shame. Going to buy the board tonight I think.

WLAN Router Monitor BASH Script

November 16, 2006 » Geek

I was reading some material on WEP and WPA cracking, and decided to write a monitor for our router. I was curious if anyone other than us hooked up. I’ve turned off the MAC filtering on it and got my BASH script working.

I’m kinda proud of it actually. I wrote it from scratch, just hit up the man pages on my system for hints. I wanted to use lynx -dump on the “Attached Devices” page, but I couldn’t get lynx to authenticate from the command line. I decided to use wget instead, since it worked just fine. I also knew I had html2txt installed from something else, so that was good too.

Here’s the script, password removed of course. The slickness is all in that last line, pardon my WP plug-in’s poor highlighting.

date >> $HOME/System/routerLog
echo >> $HOME/System/routerLog
wget -O - http://admin:[email protected]/DEV_device.htm | html2text >> $HOME/System/routerLog

The one tough feature to find was getting wget to print to the stdout instead of to a file. Thats what the -O - does.

It works nice, but it has a lot of extra spacing in it. I tried to do a sed line to filter out multiple newlines, but I’ve never actually used sed, and I couldn’t get it working. Maybe it’s my regex: s/\n{2,}//g. Dunno, not a biggie. I hooked up a cron job for every 15 minutes, we’ll see what I catch (and how bloated that log file will get)

P.S. The router is a NetGear WGR614 v5

P.P.S. I got to thinking about that comment about MAC filtering. With a big network you could camp out with Kismet, grab some attached devices MAC, wait until it disconnects and change your MAC to it’s. While you wait you can crack the WEP too. MAC filtering really isn’t as good as I thought. Same with fakeap. If only one ap has attached devices…uh, that’d be the real one…


November 11, 2006 » Geek

I messed with F-Spot today. Or rather, from about 1:30 to 2:30 this morning. For those too lazy to follow the link, F-Spot is a photo manager, much like Picasa or that iPhoto garbage. Anyway, you can sort, view, crop, enhance and tag the living daylights out of your photo collection with it.

I really like the interface, it’s very intuitive and much like Picasa (or vice versa, I dunno which came first). The tags and filtering are great, and provide nice visual cues for your sorting. There are also numerous editing tools and they seem to work at very respectable speeds, and lossless no less.

My problem is that my pictures are a real mess of folders, and very few are tagged with the correct date and time in the EXIF info. It looks like I’m going to have to go through adding a folder at a time and weeding out dupes and stuff. That might take a while, but I think it will be absolutely worth it. I’m gonna get some sleep now.

Update (11/11/2006)
I went through and added 2878 photos from 2001 – 2006, all the pics I had. I’ve got 20+ different tags. Crazy, it took a while but I think it’ll be worth it if I keep maintaining it with new pictures. Rad.