Scott Scholar Dinner

October 31, 2006

Had the Scott Scholar Dinner out at “the barn” tonight. It was about as akward as the last two years. This time I decided to just forget about that whole “socializing” thing and just hang around with Joe, Mike, and Bill.

I had a good time and lots of Coca-Cola, though I ate most of my tasty dinner without chewing much, I had a dental appointment earlier today. Anyway, here are three cell phone snaps from the Scott’s place. They’re actually from last year, but whatever.

The Barn The Flame Thingy Me and The Half-Horse

P.S. I was sad that Dave wasn’t there this year, but at least I got a high-five from Leland.

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  1. Sir Adam says:

    So that picture of you in it… it’s cute. It’s like a twin of you. Ouch… that we mean.

  2. john says:

    Adam, you are my first comment. Slightly incoherent though you may be.

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