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Litany of Fear

January 16, 2011 » Consume, Geek

Update (2011-01-20)

So, I noticed that it was spelled TOAL instead of TOTAL. Fixed it! I also made a background out of it, you can grab it here: FEAR (1280×1024)

This quote from Frank Herbert’s Dune felt right for BigText.

Check it out here:

Awesome jQuery Plugin From Zachleat

January 14, 2011 » Geek

Zach threw out a teaser a few days ago on Twitter of this and I somehow missed the release post.

The gist is a new jQuery typography plugin called BigText. And it is awesome.

Here’s the demo video…

The source is worth a read If you geek out on that sort of thing.

Very cool, Zach is my JavaScript hero, and one of the nicest dev’s I’ve met.

Go say hello, and play with BigText:

Thursday Quote: Scott Belsky

January 13, 2011 » Geek, Life

“…it becomes nearly impossible to pursue long-term goals when you are guided solely by the most recent e-mail in your in-box or call from a client.”

– Scott Belsky
Making Ideas Happen

Thursday Quote: Peter Aronoff

January 6, 2011 » Geek

“If you don’t hate any software (libraries, code) – really hate, deep deep down – then I don’t think I trust your judgment.”

Peter Aronoff
Tweet On Haml

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