F@h Init Script Additions: throttle & unthrottle

January 13, 2010

As I’ve posted before, I’ve started running Folding@home on my machines. One issue I’ve found is that on a dual core machine I will sometimes bog down as F@h consumes a whole core. That plus a lot of busy Firefox tabs and my box starts to crawl.

To fix that, I added a few pieces to my F@h init script, which was originally scavenged from this site, though on Googling there is a much nicer one on the F@h wiki. You might just want to apply my changes to that one.

In any case, I just added two commands to throttle and unthrottle the F@h application using cpulimit. This way I can add a cron job to manage it, or just throttle it when it starts to bug me.

Here it is if you want it!

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